Installation and Training

Your software can be delivered to you on a CD or Memory Stick, at your request. The preferred method is to set up an appointment with us and we will establish a direct link to your computer via a secure server, while we are talking with you on the phone. We can then install the software on your computer while you are watching, and begin the training at that time.

Working this way, you will receive hands-on training, directly from us, on your own computer. Some programs will require more training than others, just as some people may need more time to become comfortable working with new software. With that in mind, we do not have a fixed time for the length of training, we prefer tailoring the training to the individual user.

We do feel it is best to keep the training session (or sessions,) to about an hour or so. If more time is needed, then a follow-up session can be scheduled. It is important to us that the user be properly trained to get the full benefit of our software.

Software updates, support sessions,  and any requested custom additions are accomplished the same way. This combination of telephone and secure server connection has work very well for us and our customers over the years.

Following the Initial Installation and Training session, you will receive a book with a printed version of the on-line manual, along with a Memory Stick containing a copy of your software just as it was installed on  your computer.

If you'd like more information on just how this works, see our "Contact Us" page and let us know. We'd be more than happy to discuss it with you.